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This is the FUCKING Game Ever,


you are an absolute legend


Accidentally discovered this game, purely amazing.

The number of references is finding them, the difficulty, the weird humor, and of course Čeda. 

From now, I'm gonna celebrate my birthdays knowing I survived one year without getting killed by Čeda. Epic.

Really cool game, albeit not always very balanced in terms of difficulty. The powerups are diverse, the soundtrack is great, the memes are epic... I wish I was better at platformer games so I could enjoy it even more (took me like 4 hours to beat W6 boss)


Happy 1st Birthday, At Least There is Čeda Čedović!

Survived an entire year without being killed by Čeda.


Ahahah pokidali ste, BRE!

This is the game ever, I'm eating my son

Deleted post



this game has everything Ive ever wanted out of something:
- This game is challenging
- The design is amazing
- Cool cutscenes
- References
--- Okay, honest opinion, the game isn't PERFECT, it doesn't do anything revolutionary, but that shouldn't be something to take away from. The game is a fun arcade game (when you're bored you can pick this up and play). This is a perfect game that could be released on console, like the Nintendo switch. If it does, then I'm 100% buying it there too. But either way, good job leather! Love your works.

thank you

We wouldn't be able to sell this in any country but thanks

my honest opinion:
its not perfect, but its close to it

it has the difficulty of celeste, it has the platforming of mario, its amazing

it can get really difficult sometimes but when it clicks you feel great, im glad that there is more than it seems to have, its great. 

as of writing this, i dont have 100% but im gonna work towards it now that i have gotten the true TRUE ending. 

post-game spoilers:

mariobama mode is GREAT. it makes you feel like mariobama, it just fits, you couldve obviously just made it reskinned ceda, but you went through and changed so much in the mode. the love put into this game is clear as hell, thanks for making it

The best game we could ever have



Hello, I Want to say That There is This ??Bug?? In the Game Where In the Mega Satan Boss Fight if you go to the Very Left or Right as MariObama then the P-Meter Does nothing but go up, it doesn't speed me up.

We've caught that earlier, but I have to delay releasing the update that fixes it because of other things.


I knew this game was gonna be good but holy shit.
This is quality.

I played the first level and it was really awesomesauce but for some reason while running left I can't jump :( can mr. michael please fix that??

I don't think this is a gameplay bug. It is most likely a property of your keyboard. Many keyboards lack what's called "n-key rollover", which means "the ability to register as many key-presses simultaneously as you want".

For example, if I hold z and leftarrow on my keyboard, the spacebar will be ignored. It's due to how the keyboard works technically, it just can't have certain combinations of keypresses. My keyboard doesn't have "n-key rollover".

I recommend you simply rebind the "run" button to whatever is right next to it. For me, "t" worked incredibly well throughout the whole game.

The game can be really hard sometimes but aside from that it's fucking amazing, the graphics and the jokes just land perfectly.

Graphics and music were a treat, as expected. Gameplay was pretty fun, but I don't know why holding Z to run prevents you from jumping left or dashing while jumping. Seems like a weird thing to program in.

its not intentional its a bug with ur keyboard



I made a custom cover, thumbnail, background and logo to make the game look nice in your Steam library (if anyone even adds non-steam games to Steam):


this game will drive you fucking insane 9/10


Fucking amazing game, and an incredible creator. Congratulations on such a big release!


Hey, just beat the first world and its pretty great! 

Is there any way you could add that feature from Super Mario World were the game would auto-drop the powerup you had stored if you were knocked down to small? Its a small thing but having to stop and manually drop the powerup can be a bit tedious. As like a configurable setting or something.

But anyways great game so far Leather!

Deleted 1 year ago

nice game


very good game i hate you : (

how do i beat level 14


dont get hit bro!!! 

i died 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times.


this game is great, ceda jumped out of my computer and killed my mother and my parents
best experience ever

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I dunno if this is a bug or a feature, but whenever you die, you also lose the item in your Item Storage. Either way, its fairly annoying.

its not a bug, mario has that too i believe


i play game and this is good game

pozdrav iz hrvatske

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cheda is funy but why do he not screa m every time he jump

good ngame 93/102

at least there is funny man

Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gaemplay 

this is a game. it is also the best game. i give 9.8181.../10

mr.Čedović is also very kind man. thank you :)

cool game.


I wanna really like this game but the tower level made my testicles twist from the slippery ball platforms and invincibility section made worse by small Čeda's slippery ass


you could always just skip the level at the shop


it was annoying but i still beat the tower

fuck my fingers hurt (good game dude)

If you think thats bad, just wait till you reach the end of World 4. In which the boss is CBT in game form.

I really liked it

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It may just be me with a keyboard and not a controller, but I find the controlls EXTREMELY unresponsive? (Example: While running, theres a good chance that Ceda won't even jump when I press the jump button.)

Other than this ONE issue, its an amazing game, but this single problem makes it almost unplayable, at least for me.

(Edit: I think I found out the issue: For some reason, when running, you just...can't jump to the left, you can do it just fine on the right, mind looking into this?)

That's probably just keyboard ghosting. It's a common phenomenon because USB keyboards are epic and also cool

When running right and jumping to the left or running left and jumping to the left?

When running left and jumping to the left, I can jump while running right just fine, but Ceda absolutely refuses to jump when i'm running to the left.

I had the same issue, just rebind the run button. "t" worked fine for me.


the computer can let you deliver ceda to the


ceda is so cool i wish serbia was real

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this game made my cock smaller, 10/10


this game made my cock bigger, 1.2/10


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