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cool game.


I wanna really like this game but the tower level made my testicles twist from the slippery ball platforms and invincibility section made worse by small Čeda's slippery ass


you could always just skip the level at the shop


it was annoying but i still beat the tower

fuck my fingers hurt (good game dude)

If you think thats bad, just wait till you reach the end of World 4. In which the boss is CBT in game form.

I really liked it

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It may just be me with a keyboard and not a controller, but I find the controlls EXTREMELY unresponsive? (Example: While running, theres a good chance that Ceda won't even jump when I press the jump button.)

Other than this ONE issue, its an amazing game, but this single problem makes it almost unplayable, at least for me.

(Edit: I think I found out the issue: For some reason, when running, you just...can't jump to the left, you can do it just fine on the right, mind looking into this?)

That's probably just keyboard ghosting. It's a common phenomenon because USB keyboards are epic and also cool

When running right and jumping to the left or running left and jumping to the left?

When running left and jumping to the left, I can jump while running right just fine, but Ceda absolutely refuses to jump when i'm running to the left.

I had the same issue, just rebind the run button. "t" worked fine for me.


the computer can let you deliver ceda to the


ceda is so cool i wish serbia was real

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this game made my cock smaller, 10/10


this game made my cock bigger, 1.2/10


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