UPDATE 1.0.1

Bug Fixes:

Fix the bug where Payboxes no longer crash the game when opened

(hopefully) Fixed the bug where the Blue Tomb Boss can fly outside the boss arena, making it impossible to beat.


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Jun 09, 2017

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A glitch I've encountered a few times and here at its worst:

Sometimes, things with knock-back or explosive effects can get you stuck in walls. I only saw this at first with both versions of the Sonja fight, if she caught you with her charge in some places you'd get stuck up in the underside of a block. I figured it was down to the way jumping/gravity works differently on that level but then I saw this:


You can't tell here, but that tall knight is flickering rapidly from left to right on the spot, seemingly stuck a little bit down into the block its on, not going anywhere and obstructing the passage. I thought I could jump into it, take the damage [as I had the Armour on] and move past it. I tried it, and then the game is now stuck as you see in the screenshot. I cannot move or pause the game or control it at all, though it is still running as the tall knight is still flickering and the other one is still walking its normal path. With the Sonja version of this I was still able to interact with the game, just stuck in place.

I don't know if there is anything you can do for these wallstuck glitches, but I felt like I should show it in case it can be of any help, thanks for your time and once again thanks for the fun game

I'm having trouble downlaoding the actual game. When I download it with the itch app, it only downloads the manual.

I'm not sure how the itch.io app is like, but your best bet is to just download the game off the main games page. Not even the devlog page, that's just there to show changes

Okay, the game now exists, you should be able to get it now, I'll refund you your $3 so you can but it properly now

Can't seem to re-download this game despite already paying for it...Do I have to lend an extra £2?

Sorry, I'm not too familiar with how itch,io works, and how to update my games without the person having to buy it again. If someone can help with that, that'll be good

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Is it fixed now? can you download the update for free now? On the main page, that is