Patch 1.04


- Softlock if died to molten cheese and enemy on the same frame.
- Being able to dash twice after stomping an enemy and getting stuck without gravity.
- Line skipping being able to softlock the game if conversation contained event data.
- Moving platforms activating without player standing on them.
- Disc jumping off of thrown discs (not counting jumping off of a held disc mid-air dash).


- Falling from an airdash will now move you forward faster.


At Least There Is Ceda Cedovic v1.04 (Zip) (Win) 270 MB
Aug 09, 2020
At Least There Is Ceda Cedovic v1.04 (Installer) (Win) 265 MB
Aug 09, 2020

Get At least there is Čeda Čedović


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ceda can now roam this earth free of locks or soft things. truly his power has been maximized or something idk i just wanted to write a comment