Update 1.1

An update for At Least There Is Ceda Cedovic has been released. This update adds some quality of life features, tons of bug fixes and some other enhancements.

As always your save data will carry over to this version, but it is not advised to run the previous builds of the game using save files from this version, as it may cause some unpredictable effects.

General Fixes:

    - Fixed dying from Time Up taking away a life with infinite lives enabled.
    - Fixed pressing M muting music in the level (leftover development feature).
    - Fixed Deathheads not dying to the L knife.
    - Fixed being able to escape out of bounds in the final warp area of 6-4.
    - Fixed game not saving after beating the true final boss in the second mode.
    - Fixed soft-lock if killed by a stage hazard/enemy and dying to a bottomless pit on the same frame.
    - Fixed brick debris not getting tinted like the level map.
    - Fixed ghost sausages collected by discs being counted as collecting normal sausages.
    - Fixed ghost floppies not being collectable by discs.
    - Fixed crouch sliding during goal animation if hit a goal ball while crouched.
    - Fixed picking up halva while kicking the ball resulting in halva intro animation being looped for the duration of the goal animation.
    - Fixed several player wrapping spots in 7-4.
    - Fixed pogo stickmen sometimes disappearing when touching an idle burger.
    - Fixed pogo stickmen only running away from cola briefly.
    - Fixed cheese balls getting stopped by flame bars.
    - Fixed being able to spin twice at the same time while crouched with the axe power-up.
    - Fixed being able to walk inside an enemy that dealt damage to the player after invincibility frames had expired.
    - Fixed poison white flash persisting in the death animation if was mid-blink.
    - Fixed item box scale sometimes being incorrect.
    - Fixed being able to move while in an airdash land state if paused and unpaused while grabbing a power-up in the air with specific timing.
    - Fixed goal not getting triggered in 3-2 if entered while inverted without jumping.
    - Fixed consuming a powerup at home not carrying over to the world map.
    - Fixed 6-4 miniboss repeatedly attacking a dead player.
    - Fixed pause menu not pausing the game/music in under specific conditions.
    - Fixed being able to spam the pause menu.
    - Fixed hold-able blocks not changing gravity pull when flipping gravity.
    - Fixed brick particles being too small on some screen sizes.
    - Fixed knockback wear off restoring control when entered into cutscene mode.
    - Fixed hold-able blocks clipping through walls.
    - Fixed hold-able block particles not inverting the main block's color.
    - Fixed being able to airdash during disc eating.
    - Fixed held discs being stuck to the player if they tried to put them down while moving at a specific slow speed.
    - Fixed bumbos not unloading in death pits.
    - Fixed gopnik cannons staying suspended in air in camera view if they fall off-screen.

   - Fixed sea urchins not playing a slash sound when killed by the L knife.
    - Fixed airdashing up from against a wall straightening the player's rotation immediately.
    - Fixed several issues related to recovering from an airdash into a crouch in 1 block tall gaps.
    - Fixed being able to take damage and pick up a power-up on the same frame.
    - Fixed always shooting out a cheeseball if shot a projectile at the same frame as took damage.
    - Fixed mixtape discs not getting crushed.
    - Fixed mixtape discs sometimes unloading on screen.
    - Fixed trash projectiles not playing their animations on initial load.
    - Fixed horizontally flying trashbugs teleporting half a tile upwards when stomped.
    - Fixed several enemies not getting crushed.
    - Fixed being able to glide with the burek cape while mid-cutscene.
    - Fixed incorrect crushing offsets when in reversed gravity.
    - Fixed halva overlay not updating direction when on a flipped cannon.
    - Fixed held objects rendering flipped and/or behind player when on an object with a flipped direction.
    - Fixed Painters not stopping moving against walls that have an empty tile at foot height.
    - Fixed Alt player's eternal axe sprite missing an arm blade on one of the sprites.
    - Fixed Alt player's death not releasing them from moving platforms.
    - Fixed checkpoint score not being reset after exiting or finishing a level.
    - Fixed certain flags not resetting when switching save files.
    - Fixed burgers not resetting properly off-screen.
    - Fixed certain common sounds stacking.
    - Fixed some inconsistent line spacing in the lore book.
    - Fixed spooky princess reverting the music even after the player reached the goal.
    - Fixed being able to speak to npcs while holding/eating objects.

    - Fixed water rising in 5-1 when talking to an NPC.
    - Fixed burgers not correctly landing on harm block placed on another layer.
    - Fixed camera not locking when a dead player entered the death pit zone.
    - Fixed cheese balls getting stuck in narrow gaps.
    - Fixed hold-able blocks balancing on exploding cheese balls.

    World 2 boss:
    - Fixed knockback from dashing into him having no fallback time.
    - Fixed chopped off head interacting weirdly with level terrain.
    - Head hit detection area has been made more lenient.
    - Head hit detection now changes based on the attack currently in progress.
    - Increased speed of the auto-scroll.

    World 3 boss:
    - Added checkpoints after first two boom blocks.
    - Altered the level structure.

    World 4 boss:
    - Added more variants to the boss area.
    - Altered the functioning of the laser beam attack.
    - Fixed a problem with wall clipping on stage changes.

    World 5 boss:
    - Fixed ghost bullets.
    - Made the final bone block pattern easier.
    - Fixed a sequence break in the third phase and made the in-between segment more difficult.
    - Blood bullets now go through semi-solid ground.
    - Shortened waiting between attacks for the second phase.
    - Added checkpoints between every phase.
    Final Boss:
    - Every phase now has a checkpoint.
    - Music will skip the intro past first phase.
    - Improved hand hitboxes in phase 2.
    - Fixed speed loss from airdash landing into a closed fist.

    - Extended chain blocks in final segment by 2.
    - Fixed various bugs related to the end jump/S switch interaction.
    - Fixed boss being able to fall where the player is during phase 2.
    - Fixed the axe swishing effect sometimes not rendering.

    - Can no longer buy items from the Ceda shop if already has 99 lives or floppy disks respectively.
    - Altered geometry of several levels.
    - Enabled infinite lives mode will now add an "*" at the end of your life counter.
    - Gravity is no longer affected by framerate.
    - Updated wrap around blacklist in 7-4 to include cultists.
    - Bumbos now have reversed gravity support.
    - Moving platforms now have reversed gravity support.
    - Skipping the death sequence can now only be done with the run key. (Related to an issue where holding the run key between level loads wouldn't recognize the key as being held down).
    - Item blocks obstructed by ground will no longer spawn an item out of them (depending on the direction they are hit from).
    - Player will no longer collide with a hold-able block placed inside a space shared with it.
    - On-screen hold-able blocks will now evaporate after reaching the goal.
    - Switch pro controller support has been disabled until further notice due to reports of issues with motion controls interfering.
    - Diving up with a disc doesn't straighten player on jump.
    - Alex Mercer will now interact with discs.
    - Mixtapes slashed with the axe spin will now just turn into discs, slashing them while they're discs will launch them with a small jump in the direction opposite of the impact.
    - Launched discs will now remain active for 3 seconds after going offscreen.
    - Fully completing the game will now give alt skins to trashbugs.
    - Completing a level on the hardest difficulty will now make its sign black on the world map.
    - Collecting 1ups with infinite lives will now give you 20 teapots as well.
    - Hold-able blocks will now carry you if you are standing on them.
    - Klempodrome's options will no longer say saving requires floppy disks after final boss (cosmetic).
    - Improved vertical camera player tracking.
    - Damaging tiles will now flash.
    - Added 3 names to special thanks in the credits.
    - Added a mute button to the normal credits.

    - Made certain parts of 2-4 easier where many players would often die.
    - Improved Plaster enemies' dodging
    - Erase mode in save select will now turn the sky red to avoid confusion with which mode is active.


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Feb 26, 2021
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Feb 26, 2021

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